A Letter from Our Chief Medical Officer | Week of 03.30.2020

Dear Family Member,

Another week goes by of our new normal. I want to acknowledge our staff and employees who continue to focus on providing the very best patient-centered care despite the challenging times. I also want to acknowledge many of you, who despite the physical barriers, have found creative ways to stay in touch with your loved ones. While visitation restrictions need to stay in place, we are committed to working with you on connecting with your loved one, whether that be on FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, or even through a window.

Please continue to trust we are centering all of our efforts on the care and well-being of your loved ones:

We continue to monitor our residents on an every shift basis.

We continue to monitor our staff daily. In addition they are now wearing a face mask during the entirety of their shift.

We continue to participate on national, state and local work groups to be informed of all recommendations directions and mandates and adjust our policies and procedures routinely to reflect current best practices.

We have been humbled by the amazing acts of kindnesses that families have done from sending meals in for our entire staffs, sending flowers and balloons, posting messages on windows and front doors thanking us for the care that we are providing. We thank you for generosity and know it is appreciated.

We continue to be sensitive to the restrictions of your ability to visit and see your loved ones, we have been committed to sharing stories on social media on a daily basis. We are being compliant to ensure we have consents and permission prior to posts. We encourage you to join us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see some of the amazing smiling faces of our residents and employees on a daily basis. We are celebrating the humanity and caring for each other on a daily basis

Thank you again for your continued trust.

Mathew Wayne, MD
Chief Medical Officer
CommuniCare Family of Companies