Anchorage Healthcare Center Hero In Action, Andrew Lunn, Saves Driver From Wicomico River

Lunn’s quick action and caregiver instincts saved a driver who had plunged into the river.

Salsbury, MD (June 25, 2019) – The owners and management of CommuniCare Family of Companies, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, are proud to announce that a charge nurse at Anchorage Healthcare Center heroically rescued a man from his submerged vehicle after he accidentally drove into a river.

The driver was visiting a resident at the Anchorage Healthcare Center and as he was leaving the facility, mistakenly drove into the river that sits along the edge of the center’s parking lot. Andrew Lunn, a former lifeguard and a charge nurse with Anchorage Healthcare Center, was outside of the facility when he saw the driver plunge into the water. Acting quickly, Lunn dove into the river and indicated to the driver, who was submerged at the time, to roll down the driver’s side window. Lunn then swam the driver to safety while emergency crews were on their way to the scene.

Lunn has been a charge nurse with the CommuniCare Family of Companies for more than a year, a nurse for more than 10 years and graduated from nursing school at Delaware Technical Community College. Lunn says he knew exactly what to do, thanks to his prior experience as a lifeguard as well as his training and capacity for caregiving. He notes that reacting in an emergency is simply an act of muscle memory for him.

“Andrew Lunn embodies the attitude and dedication we seek in all of our team members,” Stephen Rosedale, founder, and CEO of CommuniCare said. “We know that our employees are part of a larger Caring Community, that they take what they do at work and bring that level of compassion and care wherever they go, to the benefit of everyone in their community. We are proud Andrew is part of ours.”

The driver of the vehicle is doing well. Mr. Lunn’s decisive action and quick thinking ensured that what could have been a life-altering accident ended without serious injury.