Advanced Specialty Hospitals

A caregiver holds a hand of a patient in a hospital bed

It’s with great pride that CommuniCare offers two types of advanced specialty hospitals, both committed to providing one of the most clinically progressive acute care services to our patients. During their time with us, your loved ones will experience this high level of healthcare services, with the same commitment to excellence that is a hallmark of CommuniCare’s mission as an organization.

What is a long term acute care hospital?

Long-term acute care facilities are specialty hospitals that treat patients that require ongoing care, but no longer require intensive care of extensive diagnostic procedures. Our facilities strike the balance between intensive care units and typical rehabilitation centers. Our patients have access to dozens of treatments and services, as well as daily physician rounds, frequent lab tests, and daily care by registered nurses.

Advanced Specialty Hospital of Toledo

Our advanced specialty hospital in Toledo, Ohio is one of the premier long-term acute hospitals in the United States. We offer a variety of treatments including:

  • Complex Respirator Services
  • Intensive Wound Care Program
  • Infectious Disease and Sepsis Management
  • Cardiovascular Disease Management
  • Other Medically Complex Comorbidities Services

Besides our extensive team of physicians, nurses, and other medical specialists, our hospitals focus on patient comfort. That’s why our advanced specialty hospital was designed with forty private rooms. So each guest can recover on their own terms, within their own space.

Senior long term acute care accommodations.

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