Caring Communities

Serving with pride is at the foundation of all that we do at CommuniCare. We believe we’re only as good as those who we surround ourselves with, and that’s why we take such pride in the people of our company. They clock in every day, bringing their best selves into action and, in the words of our CEO and Founder, Stephen Rosedale, make this job a mission. They’re the ones who personify our company mission in giving the gift of life to any guest they cross paths with. These CommuniCare employees sincerely work to fulfill their main job description: to reach out with their hearts and touch the hearts of others.

Caring Communities is a testament to the CommuniCare employees whose person-focused care extends beyond the four walls of our building. They “serve with pride” in both their work and their daily lives. They’re the doers in this world––selfless, honest, and caring. They lead with their H.E.A.R.T., find purpose in their everyday actions, and do what’s right. They see the best in others, and by doing so bring out the best of themselves. It’s showcasing extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Welcome to our Caring Communities.

Visit our individual locations to learn how each one demonstrates the our values.

Anchorage Healthcare Center

Clifton Healthcare Center

Greenwood Healthcare Center

Pebble Creek Healthcare Center

Riverside Healthcare Center

Valley View Healthcare Center

Read below to learn more about our recent Caring Communities award winners and their stories.