Leadership Excellence

Becoming one of the nation’s largest providers of post-acute care was a combination of hard work, determination, and tireless effort from our team of leaders.

Our Annual Leadership Summit is a transformative experience for our attendees. In this industry, it’s easy to sometimes overlook the human aspect of caregiving when you’re caught up on the frontlines of running a facility and everything it encompasses. Our Annual Leadership Summit is a step back and reminder of our person-centered approach to care and serving with pride. It celebrates why we’re all here in the first place. It’s approaching it through the eyes of our residents, hearing their stories and what they’ve overcome. Quality care means looking beyond the surface. It starts and ends with putting our patients’ needs first.

At CommuniCare, we strive to build a team of leaders. We want to provide an environment where you can bring out your best every single day. We encourage our team to grow into leaders and take on new roles within their individual facilities. While rolling up your sleeves and doing the work is important, CommuniCare encourages individuals to pull back, assess, put forth their own ideas, and help their building to succeed in its own way

Each Annual Leadership Summit has its own unique theme, however, they are all focused on developing leadership skills and building upon our unwavering commitment to excellence. For our team, the Annual Leadership Summit experience takes a comprehensive look at who they are and who they want to be in both the workplace and their personal lives.

Our Founder and CEO, Stephen Rosedale, along with other members of the CommuniCare leadership team hosts a number of presentations, panels, Q&As, team-building exercises, and everything in between throughout the summit. Additionally, they host several guest speakers each year relevant to that summit’s theme.

Whether it’s the new connections made, the stories we hear, or the memories created, each annual meeting makes a valuable impression on every one of us and is a genuine reminder that we truly are a family of companies

Take a look at this past year’s 2019 See Me Summit below.