Team Culture

A caregiver brings two residents breakfast foods and drinks

At CommuniCare, we know that our patients and their families rely on us for a broad range of care services. That is why we are committed to providing person-centered care guided by strong leaders that carry our philosophy of Serving with Pride in all that they do.

Our team is called to reach out with empathy to touch the lives of others, which promotes a great sense of purpose in the work we do each day. As a result, we take pride in the opportunity to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.


Part of providing the highest quality care is to provide superior customer experience, one that not only heals the body, but also emotionally satisfies. CommuniCare operates in accordance with our True Blue Standards of Excellence, defined as an unwavering commitment to excellence, in which all of our actions and decisions exemplify these principles. We have divided the customer experience into five categories, with a high threshold of standards for each:

  • Clinical Excellence
  • Service Excellence
  • Environmental Excellence
  • Culinary Excellence
  • Satisfaction Excellence


At CommuniCare, we all strive for excellence and every year, there are a handful of employees who exceed expectations. These employees are known to us as True Blue Champions— they exhibit an unwavering commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Awards begin with our employees encouraging and recognizing each other for their efforts through peer nominations at each of our facilities. Award winners are chosen quarterly and entered as candidates for their center’s Employee of the Year award. Each location’s Employee of the Year is eligible to be chosen as the company-wide Employee of the Year.


Loyalty is something that is important not only to CommuniCare as a company but to those who we care for. There is nothing more comforting than knowing your loved one will receive consistent care, day in and day out. That’s why it’s important to recognize our most loyal employees for their dedication to patient-centered care with CommuniCare. At annual intervals, employees will earn a special name-tag that acknowledges their devotion and loyalty to our company. It is our goal for each and every one of our employees to wear one of these badges.


Caring Communities is our recognition award for CommuniCare employees whose person-focused care extends beyond the four walls of our buildings while demonstrating an extraordinary level of excellence in the field. They lead with H.E.A.R.T. and serve with pride in both their work and their daily lives. They’re the doers in this world––selfless, honest, and caring. They see the best in others, and, in turn, bring out the best of themselves.


Our Annual Leadership Summit is an engaging and uplifting time of year for CommuniCare employees.

Every year, we take a couple of days to re-energize our culture, share our company vision, recognize the very best of our employees and transform into better leaders, together. Each Annual Leadership Summit has its own unique theme, however, they are all focused on developing leadership skills and building upon our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Whether it’s the new connections made, the stories we hear, or the memories created, each annual meeting makes a valuable impression on every one of us and is a genuine reminder that we truly are a family of companies.