Deinstitutionalization and How CommuniCare Steps Up To Serve Communities

Podcast and Q&A with Fred Stratmann and Skilled Nursing News

Deinstitutionalization, the practice of working to keep patients out of long-term psychiatric facilities in favor of community support and health programs, began over 60 years ago and has since left skilled nursing facilities responsible for a population of people who differ from their typical geriatric community. Although put forth with good intention, the deconstruction of mental health facilities brought about new problems for those with mental, behavioral, and substance use disorders who have fallen through the cracks of state assistance.

This vulnerable community then turns to companies like Communicare, as we have proposed innovative solutions to utilize empty beds in nursing facilities to counter the growing crisis of these forgotten people and help solve decreasing occupancy in nursing homes. Fred Stratmann, general counsel for Communicare Family of Companies, speaks on the growing impact of the opioid crisis and its comorbidity with behavioral health problems in a podcast with Skilled Nursing News.

Stratmann further elaborates in a Q&A about the growing gaps in our healthcare system in regard to this population in need on Skilled Nursing News’ website.